Integration solutions

Old systems might be better to left without changes. Causes can be many, the product support has ended, the technology has become obsolete, etc., but the system has been in use for many years and the new development would not be cost-wise sense.

Then the integration solution is a good option.

A typical example is the customer's IT systems integration projects with third-party delivered applications.

Our integration solutions case portfolio includes:

  • connections to various 3rd party order management systems (Bonum IT, Orc, FrontArena, GL Trade, etc.)
  • market data providers (exchange, 3rd party and in-house basic data, currency rates, prices, transactions)
  • routing transactions (FIX and in-house)
  • settlement instruction routing (both external and in-house)
  • payments to Finnish banks (in and out)
  • various CRM-systems
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